Good Companions are proud to be an affiliated member of




Inspiring theatre

Our vision is that amateur theatre is successful and sustainable,

providing a range of opportunities for people to develop their skills

and enjoy taking part, at all levels.



We are here to support the education and information needs of

individuals and organisations with high quality services and

products that contribute to the success of amateur theatre, as well as

encouraging appreciation of the sector by participants and audiences



We aim to:

  • Give a shared voice to the amateur theatre sector 
  • Help amateur societies and individuals achieve the highest standards of best practice and performance
  • Provide leadership and advice to enable the amateur theatre sector to tackle the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.


 NODA Council Members

  President:  Mr John Barnes
  Vice President: Mr Chris Ingram
  Chairman of Trustees: Mr Chris Ingram
  Chairman of NODA Ltd: Mr Neil Maidman
  Honorary Solicitor: Mr Chris Harper
  Area Regional Councillor Miss Nanette Lovell


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